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"I had done a lot of shopping around at different custom guitar places before I found Micah.  As soon as I got on the phone with him I knew he was the one.  All the other shops were concerned with prices and materials right up front and wanted me to fill out forms and such but Micah just wanted to talk.  He said he would love to work with me and that he, “wanted to build me not just a guitar, but a best friend for life.”  That really struck home with me.  He is honest, hardworking, easy to talk to, and is able to combine exemplary craftsmanship with sustainable luthier practice.  As far as the guitar goes, it’s nothing short of a dream.  It’s a spectacle to look at and plays like a fantasy story.  The number one question people ask when they see it is, “what brand is that?”  When I tell them where I got it they usually don’t quite understand.  People have a hard time believing that this guitar was made by one person and his two highly skilled hands in the hills of Vermont."


-Drew Steinberg, Performer 

"I'd already been going to Micah for a few years when I had the idea for a guitar I needed made for me. It was an odd concept, but I had seen Micah for everything from setups to restoration. After playing other guitars he made, I was convinced. I brought him my ideas for the design, and he produced exactly what I wanted. He's easy to work with, knowledgeable and ingenious. I would highly suggest Micah to anyone."

-Brad Yandow, Better Things

"My custom Plante guitar is as much a vessel for inspiration as it is a tool.  It's rare to find a guitar that features modern, classic and unique features, the series-parallel wiring for passive boosts is too cool!  Micah masterfully hand-crafted an instrument that not only pays homage to a mix of legendary designs, but he also accomplished doing so in a environmentally sustainable fashion; a feat few manufacturers today can manage."

-Julian Cunningham, Music Teacher/



"Micah Plante is a superb Luthier. He has worked on all my acoustic guitars including my Martin OM 28V; Gibson L 00; Gibson J 45; 1982 Alvarez Yairi DY 70; and all the guitars in my Takamine MIJ collection. I am very fussy about my guitars. I take care of them. I am obsessive about how high the action is and all the details that relate to sound and playability. Micah understands his customers and has the personality, patience and skill set to produce exact results. He can repair anything, including electronics as well as building custom made guitars of all sizes. He built a beautiful
small bodied guitar out of Redwood! Where can you find that? It was on par in terms of quality with Martin and Gibson. Although he has left Vermont where I live, I will make the journey to North Hampton when I need him again because he is that good!"

-Joe Patrissi, Waitfsield, VT

"Micah Plante is a gifted instrument builder with an artistic and creative nature and great sensitivity to clients' ideas for their instruments. He has made fantastic modifications to my strat: winding beautiful-sounding single-coil and humbucker pickups, wiring it for a piezo bridge pickup, and setting it up to play and sound much better. Micah is also talented at building speaker cabinets and is working on several specialized cabs that I will be taking on tour.

On a personal note, if you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, and insightful instrument builder and technician, I would highly recommend Micah Plante. In the 30+ years that I have been playing guitar, he is among the best that I have had the good fortune to work with on the East Coast."

Damon Ferrante
Composer, Guitarist, and Guitar Book Author

Clint Bierman with his Plante Lion guitar.

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